About Us

Evans Engineering includes the combined experience and personalities of its employees. Since it’s beginning in 1992 Evans Engineering has naturally grown through a commitment to quality and reliable service to its clients. As president, David L. Evans P.E. has been determined to develop a system of processes, which integrated with design flexibility and produces an innovative cost-effective product.

With the addition of key personnel, Evans Engineering has grown to manage projects ranging from parking lot additions to shopping centers to multi-phased large residential developments. With the ability to manage a wide range of projects, Evans Engineering continues to refine project timing. To reduce the time for project development and construction plan permitting, many services are available. These services can be tailored to meet project deadlines using decision points and overlap technology. This technology allows the client to decide on the timing of the steps based on input from our staff and the jurisdictional agencies. Through the growth of the company, these check points have developed into key milestones on which the client can rely.

In addition to the multiple systems in place during the project, a key administrative staff provides timely and accurate accounting, filing, and reprographic services. The accounting systems produce an easy-to-read invoice, which matches how the project is progressing. With the advanced state-of-the-art filing and reprographic services, Evans Engineering can provide fast reproductions and colorful displays of the design documents.

The future of Evans Engineering will be developed through input from our clients. As needs are communicated during project development, adjustments are made within the company. These adjustments are reviewed and used for future projects. As these adjustments are incorporated into the office procedure the company changes. This process has developed and continues developing Evans Engineering into one of the leading civil engineering firms in the Central Florida area.


We strive through commitment, experience, and integrity to provide timely guidance and customized innovative design solutions which help to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.