Civil Services

Feasibility Studies 

A Feasibility Study is the first step in project planning. This study determines if the site is suitable for the proposed project. Preliminary design concepts are created with building code requirements, and the clients’ needs in mind. Through our feasibility studies, our staff and engineers will identify obstacles and resolve them to save our clients time and money. With our innovative ideas, experiences, and knowledge of regulatory issues, we can guide our clients in the right direction for determining the appropriate methods for the completion of a project.

Site Planning and Design 

Site Planning and Design is the combination of Research (Program development, Inventory), Site Analysis, and Synthesis (Conceptual design, Master Plan design, Preliminary Design, and Site Plan design). Our design team has extensive experience and is highly motivated to provide our clients with efficient development plans that fit their goals while staying sensitive to environmental issues and addressing community concerns. Our services include predevelopment analysis, conceptual site plans, comprehensive land use modifications, rezoning, preliminary subdivision plans, final subdivision plans, final engineering design and permitting.

Hydrology/Drainage Design

Our Engineers are highly trained in the applied sciences of Hydrology, Hydraulics, Water resources, planning and design. Some of the services we provide include stormwater management systems, flood control analysis, watershed modeling, Soil Analysis, and stormwater permitting.

Sanitary Sewer and Water Systems

We offer our clients a wide range of utility services from preliminary evaluation and design, to final construction and certification. Our list of services includes sanitary sewer design, lift stations, potable water design, reclaimed water, force main design and permitting.


The permitting process can be long and tedious considering there are many steps that need to be taken before a permit is issued. Permitting involves collecting information for the project completing applications for City, County, Water Management District, FDOT, FDEP, EPA, and others, and processing through each agency. The goal in permitting is to keep the lines of communication open with our clients and agencies to make this process as fast and easy as possible.

Roadway Design and Paving 

Evans Engineering understands the importance of roadway design and paving. Access ways integrated with development are required. Construction drawings and technical specifications are prepared in accordance with the design standards of the city or county. We also include horizontal and vertical geometric design, public/private relocation design, and intersection design. Right-of-way exhibits and construction easements are also prepared for each client as necessary. During design there may be discrepancies between the original project mapping and the constructability of the new roadway. At Evans Engineering we will evaluate these discrepancies using state of the art methods to find a resolution before construction documents are issued.

Construction Services 

Evans Engineering, Inc. construction services are available to our clients to maintain a high standard of construction. Our goal is to provide on site visits along with detailed construction reports to keep our clients well informed of field conditions while maintaining a presence during construction. Field conflicts can be minimized by quickly noting discrepancies and finding a solution.